A three-storey building in Agra collapse due to Rats


Thousands of rats burrowing underground for years seem to have caused a three-storey building in Agra to collapse. The incident took place near Mankameshwar temple on Sunday morning. Rats in the area damaged sewage and pipelines underground, due to which the foundations seemed to have weakened.

“The foundation of the house had been completely hollowed out. Sudhir Kumar Verma, the owner of the house, was living here with eight other family members. He tried all possible solutions to get rid of the rats but was not successful. On Saturday evening, the plaster of the ceilings started falling. On the suggestion of friends and neighbours, Verma and his family vacated the house late in the night, although they left almost all their possessions behind. A few hours later, the entire house collapsed. At least most of the debris fell on open ground and not on other houses,” said Peepal Mandi councillor Ravi Mathur.


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