Minor solar flare expected to hit Earth today


A minor solar storm is expected to hit Earth today. As the space agency is now predicting a solar storm will reach Earth at some point early Thursday morning.

A solar storm sounds highly terrifying, but have no fear, earthlings: it will have little to no effect on humans, other than bringing us all stunning views of the Northern Lights. These solar storms are measured on a scale of G1 to G5, with G5 being the most extreme and most rare storm category. During a G1 storm, little on Earth is affected. If a G5 were to hit Earth, NOAA explained, widespread problems with our electrical grid would occur, and some areas might even experience complete collapse or blackouts. It can trigger Northern Lights in places like Alaska, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland. US weather agency NOAA reported that the current G1 storm would have little to no effect on Earth.




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